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We are offering an online service that brings the students/parents and tutors in Kolkata on one platform so that they can locate each other with ease. This can be done in the comfort of their home and saves them from the hassles of running around in the city traffic and other braving the chaos. The students and home/private tutors in Calcutta can also make a call at 8240664476 and our customer support team would register them free of cost. Alternatively, they can also register on their own by logging in to our website. Students can also find the right tutor as per their expectations other directly by searching them on the basis of subject, qualification, gender etc on our website or by calling them or through email.

As a promotional offer, we are offering free registrations on our website till 1st of March 2017. We have come up with a unique and user-friendly business model to make this happen. As soon as a new student registers on our website, all the details of the student’s requirements like his subject, class, location and contact number are sent through an SMS as well as an e-mail to all the relevant tutors in Kolkata which match with the requirements. The tutors can then call on the given number directly to discuss with the student further. Students can also ask for a demo class from the tutors, and if found satisfactory, they can discuss the other terms and conditions like tuition fees, frequency of class, timings etc. directly with the tutor. We have a large database of both the students and tutors. Both of them in Kolkata can locate each other by searching the database and by sending emails to each other through our website. Direct contact numbers are also provided that can be used to call each other.

If the student and the tutor agree mutually for online tutoring, they can do it by making use of the white boards like twiddla, scriblink, scribblar et al. There are various other tools that are highly useful in conducting the online tutoring like Skype, Team viewer, Join.me, GoTo meeting and WebEx. If you give us a call on 8240664476, we would be happy to assist you on how to conduct online tutoring. Further if you have any queries, you can drop in an email at info@vanituition.com or call on the number 8240664476.


Tell us some basic info about you, your tuition requirements. You can do this via website or on call, and we will help you find the right tutor in Kolkata, matching your private tuition criterion.

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You are free to decide timings, location, payment terms etc directly with the home tutor. We don’t like to interfere.

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