About Us

vanituition.com is an online marketplace that connects parents/students with private home tuition teachers in Kolkata. It has been conceptualized and developed in order to cater to the need for home/private tutoring for students spread across academic levels. Now-a-days, academic curriculum in our schools has become vast and students are finding it increasingly difficult and stressful to cope with it, given the peer/family pressure and expectation to do well in various co-curricular activities.


vanituition.com has many tutors registered with us and it offers a reliable and a convenient solution to address the needs mentioned above. We’ve adopted a professional and methodical approach in bringing tutors and parents under one roof. Tutors registered with us are well-qualified, and themselves are pass outs from educational institutes of repute. They also facilitate learning of students by a combo of guidance and right coaching according to the students’ learning styles.


vanituition.com is an online portal which provides service to connect students/parents with relevant tutors on our website. Parents/ or students can search for tutors by various criteria and contact with them directly. What makes us different from other aggregators is the fact that once you are registered, we give you all the freedom to communicate and decide mutually the terms-conditions like timings,payment, place (student’s home or tutor’s place/classes), duration, etc. We have no partat all in these matters since we firmly believe that giving flexibility is of utmost importance our making services relevant and user-friendly. Bengaluru, a metronotorious for its traffic, makes looking out for anything very inconvenient and full of hassles. Therefore, we strive to ensurethat atleast with respect to findinghome tutors we can of some help.



What got us going?


We’ve named it Vani, one of the names of goddess Saraswati – the goddess of learning and wisdom. vanituition.com was born with the motto of improving the educational scenario for the next generation of students in India. We very well understand that students often need personalized attention and guidance to strengthen their concepts to perform well. Home tuition and private tutoring provides students in Bengaluru a good opportunity to clarify doubts/queries by having a direct interaction with the home tuition teacher. This enables easy, hassle-free learning for students without having to worry about classroom competition. Finding a right as well as qualified tutor remains a big challenge for the parents. We want to help parents/students find better tuition teachers, who can help their ward(s) get excellent grades. With this idea vanituition.com was formed.


Mission: To play a significant role in home and private tutoring space, by helping aspiring tutors and students come together on a common platform.