Tutor FAQs

Your membership would get activated on the portal and your details would be entered in the tutor database. Once this is done, you will keep getting SMS and email alerts about the relevant tuition openings. If you have any queries on this process, you can give us a call on +91 8240664476

No, you need not go through any selection procedure. We are just a platform to connect the students/parents and the tutors. However you will have to demonstrate your capabilities in the demo class to students.

Thank you for registering with us. Now you would get the details of the students who register that are relevant to your profile through SMS and e-mail. If you have any queries on this process, you can give us a call on +91 8240664476

No, you won’t be compensated for the demo class (neither by us nor the parent/student). Demo class is an opportunity for you to showcase your capabilities and your comfort levels with the subject. It also helps the students to develop confidence in you and your teaching methodology before they make up their mind. Although you would not be paid anything for the demo class, but we recommend highly to take the demo class because it raises the chances of conversion.

You can directly discuss the terms and conditions of your payment with the parents. We do not have any role in that or we do not try to influence the decision in any way.

You need to inform us as well as the students/parent at least 30 days in advance. So that we can make alternative arrangement for them. This would help us in smoothening the process. However this adds to your credibility and accountability.

Not an issue. You can contact us here or call us on +91-8240664476